Our services

HW & SW Development

We join our customers during all the life cycle. Based on a System requirements engineering approach, we can carry out specification, implementation, industrialization, testing and homologation according to the right standard. We offer our knowledge to support you on any stage of the project.


Safety Consultancy

We offer a comprehensive range of functional safety services to meet the requirements of IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 projects. These range from support to the generation of Safety Requirements Specifications, SIL calculations, safety project planning and audits. All carried out under the supervision and management of our functional safety professional engineers.

Time & Materials

Some of our clients, due to their management processes, find it difficult to completely outsource work packages. With a staff of engineers in rotation, we offer workforce for in-house projects, as well as the support of a team with the background of knowledge especially tailored to your need.

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Our Products

SW Products: Safebook & SafeSuite

Platform for Safety – Compliant Electronics: Requirements Management and Reliability toolset (FTA, FIT calculation and FMEA)

HW Products: PM03 and STP2 processors

The PM03 and STP2 processors conform a safe / non safe channel dupla for customer applications. Both processors can be combined with a family of expansion boards. The whole family addresses a large variety of needs found in general‑purpose applications.


Do you want to know about our reliability software?

We offer a complete set of software related to reliability management oriented to facilitate the use of complex tools regarding requirements management, life cycle and failure analysis. It allows to ensure the compliance of V model development processes, tracing the requirements of different levels in a systematic and friendly way

Our Company

SafeTwice is an engineering company based in Barcelona. We strive to provide reliable products, on-time delivery and dependable support to meet customers highest expectations. With our Quality Management System we encourage a culture of responsibility and accountability to ensure continuous improvement. Safety experience, electronics knowledge and an innovative approach are our personal features.

Our Purpose

We take care of industrial, rail and automotive electronics as well as consumer electronics and, in general, all firmware, software and hardware processes. We provide support on functional safety assessment and consulting. SafeTwice was born to shape the electronics systems to a structured, safe and thus efficient outlook.


Objetivos: Desarrollo de plataforma hardware – software integral orientada a la implementación de funciones seguras conforme a las más estrictas normativas de seguridad relativas a la operación de sistemas eléctricos y electrónicos en los ámbitos Ferroviario e Industrial.

Lugar de ejecución: Barcelona

Plazo de ejecución: 01/06/2020 – 30/04/2022

Presupuesto: 298.220,00 €

Proyecto cofinanciado por CDTI y FEDER