Our Products

In Safetwice we have a range of product based in our core processing platform. The PM03 family addresses a large variety of needs found in general‑purpose applications. It offers an extraordinary variety of options including ethernet and CAN communications giving you flexibility to find the perfect match for their application. Alongside with the optional graphics user interface display and the expansion boards it configures a ready-to-use complete solution.

PM03-IO: 50155 rail and industrial ready PLC

The perfect solution for railway and industrial mid-range applications. The PM03-IO is a low-cost, robust and versatile, Programable Logic Controller (PLC), with hardware compliance to the railway standard IEC-50155 for electronic equipment on rolling stock, to be used in applications of train data collection and monitoring, HVAC or interior (door management system, signaling and lighting control) among others. Regarding industrial applications, it is compliant with CE mark and with the IEC 61000 standard for EMC/EMI. The programming of the device is done through an API, in C/C++ for custom solutions. Safetwice PLC can host a webserver so data can be accessed from any point using an ethernet connection. It allows to monitor status, send commands or deploy updates. It also has a TFT LCD display that allows easy and friendly operation by means of browsing through the custom screens.

The PM03-IO core is a safety microcontroller, fulfilling the cybersecurity criteria, and has communications capabilities such as:

  • Ethernet 10/100.
  • CAN
  • RS232
  • RS485 in Half-Duplex and Full-Duplex configuration

To capture incoming signals from field sensors, PM03-IO is enabled with:

  • Isolated digital inputs and outputs for 24 [V] systems
  • Analog inputs for (4-20) [mA] and (0-10) [Vdc] signal standards
  • Frequency inputs up to 30 [kHz]
  • PWM outputs
  • Full bridge motor controller.

Motor control expansion board

Take command of the speed and direction of your DC motors using this controller. The EPMH is a low-cost, full bridge motor controller board up to 6 [A] over a range of operating voltages of from 9 [V] to 36 [V], that can be easily configured and implemented. The control of the motor is done by using PWM (Pulse Width Modulation). Embedded protection functions for Short circuits, current limitation, over-temperature shut down and Undervoltage condition. The board includes full fault diagnostic functions for Short circuit to supply voltage, Short circuit to ground, Open Load and Over-temperature in each branch of the bridge.