We offer a complete set of software related to reliability management oriented to facilitate the use of complex tools regarding requirements management, life cycle and failure analysis. It allows to ensure the compliance of V model development processes, tracing the requirements of different levels in a systematic way.

SafeBook is a requirements management suite available as a Software As A Service. According to a standard “V” process such as IEC 61508 you will be able to model your project with a requirement-driven approach.

  • Define your project requirements at three stages: Project, system and domain
  • Easily trace your requirements
  • Import files and images using drag and drop
  • Create and manage your own projects
  • Create and manage all the architectures in your project
  • Link the requirements to architectural components
  • Create project releases

Let Safebook do the job

SafeBook is a software solution focused on the requirements lifecycle management of medium and small projects where the V-process methodology needs to be applied. It is able to map and manage processes in an industrial environment. SafeBook allows the user to link the requirements to previously defined architectures of the system. It is able to generate a process indicators report and the top-down traceability matrix and export them to most common formats.

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